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D-Trek Two Dog Connector
Price: $22.00
D-Trek Two Dog Connector
When skijoring with two dogs this connector helps keeps them heading in the same direction.
D-Trek Gangline
Price: Starting at 35.00
D-Trek Gangline
Made of super-strong climbing webbing, this shock-absorbing lead connects you to your dog's harness.
D-Trek Harness
Price: $48.00
D-Trek Harness
A comfortable, functional and ergonomically designed pulling harness for skijoring, canicross or hiking are custom-made to fit your dogs.
D-Trek Belt
Price: $65.00
D-Trek Belt
Hands-free waist belt for skijoring, canicross, bikejoring or hiking.
D-Trek Skijoring Kit
Price: $145.00
D-Trek Skijoring Kit
Three piece kit gets you started in skijoring, canicross, hiking or hands-free walking.

New innovative bungee from Salty Dog Canvas
Tough tugs: our GRIP ULTRA
has 3 times more resistance

than standard bungee
you and your dog 
maximum shock absorption.

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