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Elk Antlers - 100% Natural

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Price: Starting at $17.95
Item Number: E1001
Manufacturer: Urban Dog

Each spring, male elk shed their antlers so a fresh set can grow. The antlers are collected and shipped to Urban Dog where they are cleaned, sterilized, cut into specific sizes and sharp edges sanded. All Elk are raised on government-inspected Canadian farms that test for chronic wasting disease. No animals are harmed to create this product. ONLY AVAILABLE TO CANADIAN CUSTOMERS

As with any dog treat or chew toy, ALWAYS monitor your dog when giving antler chews. Discard when they get short, before any pieces can be swallowed. Split antlers can splinter and dogs should be supervised at all times when chewing ANY antler.  TIP: to soften antlers and prevent from splitting, soak overnight in water or meat broth. 

  • 100% naturally shed, fully digestible antler
  • No odor or residue to get on beds, carpets or furniture
  • Lasting chew that dogs grind down slowly
  • Natural oral health care – great product for clean teeth
  • No artificial flavor, color, hormones, antibiotics, steroids or preservatives
  • Less risk of splinters, chipping or cracking than raw bones
  • All natural source of glucosamine, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese.
  • Perfect option for dogs with allergies or delicate digestion
  • Splitting reveals the chew marrow that dogs love but reduces the time it takes to consume. Split antlers are not recommended for aggressive chewers.

Q: What size antler chew is best for my dog?

A: Elk antlers vary in size and structure, no two pieces are alike. The chart below will help in selecting the size that’s right for your dog. Currently we are only carrying Medium, large and X-large. Contact us if you would like other sizes.

Antler                         Size of Dog                                       Package Contains                       

Large                       40-60lb (18-27kg)                    1, 7-8” (117-203mm) long

X-Large                   +60lb (+27kg)                        1, 8-9” (203-228mm) long

Q: What can I do if my dog isn’t interested in the chew?

A: The first thing to try is to just wet the exposed cut ends. This brings out the smell that most dogs find irresistible. Some people will add flavor to the chews by soaking them in meat juices or smearing them with peanut butter. Once the dog begins to chew, the flavor emerges. Two of our dogs will only chew the split antlers; they have absolutely no interest in the whole ones. Our youngster chews on both: a whole one will last a month, the split a day.


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